Resilient Communities

Elements of Resilient Communities

Follow John Robb and pay close attention to what he has to say, because he has his finger on the pulse. He’s currently promoting the concept of resilient communities, defined here:

A resilient community is the path to a safe, prosperous, and vibrant future for us, our kids, and our neighbors — despite an increasingly chaotic world…. We take control of our future. We implement the only solution that can give us the a safe, secure, and prosperous future. We become resilient. We find ways to help local people, businesses, and municipalities to PRODUCE, and that’s and important word, more of what we rely upon…. Fortunately, we now have the technology and the insights required to produce with quality and efficiency at the local level like never before.


  1. Jon,

    Thanks much. Question: who put the chart together?


  2. Not 100% sure. It has been posted at a Ning community site: The site’s no longer active, so I couldn’t see who owned it, or who had come up with the chart. I searched in vain for an author. I think it’s a good conceptual overview.

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