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Contributor to Worldchanging, A Guide to the 21st Century

Interviewed by Suzanne Stefanac, author of Dispatches from Blogistan: A travel guide for the modern blogger

Interviewed in Blog!: How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture by David Kline, Dan Burstein, Arne J. De Keijzer (Editor), Paul Berger (Editor)

Extreme Democracy, co-edited with Mitch Ratcliffe

Edited the Consciousness subdomain in The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog

Featured in GenX Reader, edited by Douglas Rushkoff

Featured in CyberRevolution, edited by Yoshihiro Kaneda, Japan


Keeping It Together: You mean open source hasn’t saved the world yet?, in the Austin Chronicle, March 1, 2007.

The Future of Affinity, based on a presentation to the Central Texas World Future Society.

2001 Blues in Rewired

A Few Points about Online Activism in the March ’99 issue of the UK journal Cybersociology

ZapSpace, published as A Fistful of DOS in the Australian magazine 21C

The Cyborganic Path from the April ’97 issue of CMC Magazine

Essay: Are We a Nation? We Are Devo in The Ethical Spectacle.

Fiction that Bleeds Truth!


Worldchanging Columns and Posts

Austin Chronicle articles

The Serious Play in Saving the World, in the Austin Chronicle, April 2008.

In Your Facebook in the Austin Chronicle, February 2008.

The Future of Affinity: Living Networks with Social Software, Presented to the CenTex Chapter of the World Future Society, November 18, 2004.

We Blog! Edited version originally appeared in the February 28, 2003 issue of Austin Chronicle as A Corner in Cyberspace Turned Blog Party.

Being Green in 2001, Whole Earth, summer 2001 (edited by Bruce Sterling)

Little Nemo in Slumberland (bOING bOING, February 1998)

Technopolitics, a 1997 essay on cyberactivism originally appearing in the Australian magazine 21C.

Your 15 Minutes Are Up, Mr. Gates!: 1998 Top Nine List from the Austin Chronicle!

Dungeons and Draggin’s: a look at the Ultima Online phenomenon

“We Do Cool Things”: a profile of Austin’s George Sanger, aka The Fatman, and Team Fat

The Opera Ain’t Over ’til the Cyber Lady Sings: Honoria in Ciberspazio (Austin Chronicle, November 1997)

Shout Spamalam! The Austin Spam Suit

Election Notes 2000

Who Are You? Who Owns You? A consideration of Amazon’s privacy policy.

Nodal Politics

11.25.96 Freewheelin’ in Austin

1.7.97 Cyberdawgs and CyberRights: EFF-Austin

2.25.97 VR in 3Space: Brian Park

1.28.97 Going Native in Cyberspace: Bob Anderson

3.25.97 A Parisian Spring in Austin: Joseph Rowe and Catherine Braslavsky

4.22.97 On a Rock and Roll Firetruck: Shawn Phillips

Monsters from the Id: read the article and check out the Amazon list


Clay Shirky, interviewed for Worldchanging

B.J. Stanbery of Heliovolt, interviewed for Worldchanging

David Isenberg on Freedom to Connect, interviewed for Worldchanging

Bruce Sterling State of the World Conversation, 2008

Conversation with Denise Caruso at the WELL’s Inkwell forum, discussing her book, Intervention.

Conversation with David Weinberger at the WELL’s Inkwell forum, discussing his book Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder

Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2007

Bruce Sterling and “Joe Lebkowsky” at SXSW Interactive.

Jon LebkowskyVideo interview conducted by Steve O’Keefe at his Authorviews site, discussing the book Extreme Democracy. “The video is long enough for a brief reflection on how the Howard Dean campaign used the net — that’s the origin of this book. The destination? The Internet has become the volunteer coordinater and cash machine fueling modern political campaigns.”

Bruce Sterling: State of the World 2006

Annual interview with Bruce Sterling, 2005

Interview with Ken Goffman (R.U. Sirius), author of Counterculture through the Ages.

A discussion with my colleagues at

Interview with Christian Crumlish, author of The Power of Many

Interview with Dr. James White, University of Colorado, on global climate change. This interview was part of the research for “Being Green in 2001,” published in Whole Earth Review

January 2004 discussion with Bruce Sterling on The WELL

Interview with David Weinberger for SXSW Interactive Conference’s Tech Report

Discussion with Bruce Sterling at The WELL, January 3 – 17, 2003.

Jon L. interviewed by Adam Powell (5/13/2002)

jonl interviewed by R. U. Sirius (A version of this interview appeared in The Austin Chronicle)

Conversation with Bruce Sterling
at the WELL’s Inkwell.vue Forum

Interview with R.U. Sirius at CTHEORY

Interview conducted by Yoshihiro Kaneda in conjunction with the publication in Japan, in the
book CyberRevolution, the essay “Inforeal.”

Interview with Allucquere Rosanne Stone.

No Stone Untenured: May ’98 Interview with Sandy Stone

Bruce Sterling interview for bOING bOING #9

The Tedium is the Message, Assholes: Interview (for AltX) with R.U. Sirius and St. Jude

Don’t Believe the Hype (Austin Digerati Roundtable published January 28)

Why We Listen to What They Say: Interview with Doug Rushkoff

Interviews with
and Michael Wolff

Projecting the 21st Century: An Interview with Gary Chapman

Information Junkie, an interview with Reva Basch (Researching Online for Dummies)

Webb on the Web

Wired to Virtual Reality: Interview with Howard Rheingold

Interview with Carla Sinclair, author of Signal to Noise

Making Movies on Cyber Location: an interview with director Doug Block (Austin Chronicle, February 1998)

Untangling the Web: interview with Gene Crick of MAIN and Sue Beckwith of Austin Freenet


Review of Paulina Borsook’s Cyberselfish, in Whole Earth Magazine.

Cyber Top Ten for 1997 (Austin Chronicle, December 1997)