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I’m Jon Lebkowsky, and I’ve been making and sharing experiences in digital culture and media for over 25 years. I’m CEO of Polycot Associates, a mission-driven digital development co-operative based in Austin, Texas.

I’m also President of EFF-Austin, an organization that’s been supporting digital freedom in Texas since 1990.

I’m an activist, sometimes journalist, and blogger who writes about the future of the Internet, digital culture, media, and society.

I’ve been involved with various forward-looking projects and organizations, including FringeWare (as CEO and as publisher and sometimes editor of FringeWare Review), Whole Earth (as a writer, and as subdomain editor for the Millennium Whole Earth Catalog), WorldChanging (as technology manager and blogger), Viridian Design Movement (as website manager), Mondo 2000 (as a writer), Boing Boing (as writer and associate editor), Factsheet Five (as book review editor), the WELL (as community host), the Austin Chronicle (as writer), EFF-Austin (as President), Society of Participatory Medicine (as cofounder and former board member), Extreme Democracy (as co-editor), Wireless Future (as project manager), Digital Convergence Initiative (as former board member), Plutopia Productions (as cofounder and Chief Digital Officer), Polycot Consulting (as cofounder and CEO), Social Web Strategies (as cofounder and social media consultant), and Reality Augmented Blog (as cofounder, blogger, and manager).

There’s more information at Wikipedia.

Jon Lebkowsky

Marquee in South Austin