Little Shoot

Adam Fisk’s P2P system, Little Shoot, has gone public. I’ve been using the private beta version for a few months. Searches turn up lighting fast downloads of documents and media. Most of the files I’ve accessed have been Youtube videos, but you can also use Little Shoot to turn up images, audio, docs, and apps. You can also publish with Little Shoot – since it’s new, most of the content is coming from sites like YouTube and Flickr, but as more people use it, more files will be contributed by users and a file sharing network will evolve. Mashable ran a piece on Little Shoot, saying that “Fisk and his team think file sharing has evolved in the wrong direction in the Web 2.0 world.”

“People flocked to put their videos and photos on sites like YouTube and Facebook, and those sites now control an astonishing percentage of our digital content. Corporate ads are slapped on personal videos. Privately shared content is taken down due to bogus copyright claims. Sharing has become synonymous with forsaking one’s right to manage one’s own content,” the company says.

(If you’re interested in more detail about the system, note the Q&A at Mashable, where Adam’s made several clariftying posts.)

Author: Jon Lebkowsky

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