Journal of Participatory Medicine – new version

As a cofounder of the Society of Participatory Medicine, I’m psyched to see new work appearing in our journal. Here’s a press release with more info:

The Journal of Participatory Medicine (JoPM), the online peer-reviewed, open access publication of the Society for Participatory Medicine, has released new content for its 2010 volume. The journal’s mission is to transform the culture of medicine from a delivery system driven by clinicians to a shared enterprise, by publishing content that demonstrates whether and how patient participation helps to achieve better health outcomes. JoPM presents articles and multimedia content by both health care professionals and consumers, in keeping with participatory medicine’s cooperative health care model that encourages, supports and expects active involvement by all parties.

Building on the foundation laid by the inaugural volume, which explored participatory medicine’s parameters and challenges, the new volume examines the merits of specific approaches and tools of participatory medicine. Topics include shared decision making in a clinical setting, patient participation in medical evidence gathering, the pros and cons of consumer health information technology, and more. One of the Co Editors in Chief, Charlie Smith, noted: “Starting a new journal in a field that is still evolving requires patience and persistence. From last year’s beginning, I envision the JOPM will continue to gain momentum, becoming an authoritative source of information for both professionals and the public about how Participatory Medicine contritbutes to optimal health care outcomes.”

JoPM publishes continuously, posting content as soon as it is ready for publication, and is available free of charge. The editors are still accepting submissions for the current volume. Prospective authors may view the journal’s submission guidelines at