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About Wireless Future

About the Project
About IC²

A project of the IC² Institute

The IC² Institute created the "Wireless Future" project to explore the economic development potential of wireless technologies in Central Texas. The project has included meetings with wireless companies and professionals as well as other stakeholders. Interviews, case studies, and other research resulted in the publication of an ambitous report called Austin's Wireless Future. The project also includes a national Wireless Future conference on March 12-16.


To date IC² has identified over 90 wireless technology and service companies in the Austin MSA. This sector was below radar when we began, but is now considered an important part of Austin's economic (and social, cultural) future. The Wireless Future project methodology has emphasized collaborative work on economic and cluster development.

Project Plan

The Institute, in cooperation with business and other stakeholders, analyzed the region's wireless assets and the challenges they face in evolving a wireless cluster. The resulting report also presents a roadmap with action items for regional development in wireless technologies and services.

IC² will establish Austin's national (if not global) wireless presence and create opportunities for interregional networking for researchers, policy makers, and business professionals with the March Wireless Future conference, which will focus on wireless technologies and economic and social development.

Project Outcome
  • An informed plan for the development of Austin's wireless technology sector.
  • A regional community of interest developed over time through the creation of the report, roadmap, Austin Wireless Alliance, and Wireless Future conference to sustain networking and communication.
  • A framework for participation and prominence in the national and global wireless sector.
  • Wireless Companies, Developers, and Entrepreneurs
  • Peripheral "Cluster" Companies and Entrepreneurs
  • Potential Investors
  • Government Agencies and NGOs
  • Workforce and Economic Development Entities
  • Citizens and Consumers
Time Frame and Deliverables

The initial work on the project began in March-April, 2003. The project includes

  • Stakeholder group meetings throughout summer, 2003.
  • Substantial survey and research work throughout summer, 2003, including a futurist analysis of wireless potential.
  • Publication of the Wireless Future report in January 2004.
  • "Wireless Future" conference based on and extending report findings, March 2004.

Sponsors include Andrews and Kurth, L.L.P., the futures-lab, Polycot Consulting, Motion Computing, and RockSteady Networks.

Numerous wireless and other technology stakeholders have committed to pro bono participation in the creation of the report.


Eliza Evans, PhD
Program Manager for Research
eliza at icc.utexas.edu

Jon Lebkowsky
Project Manager
jon at icc.utexas.edu

IC² Institute, University of Texas at Austin
1301 W. 25th, Suite 300
Austin TX 78705
t. 512-482-0273 x271
f. 512-474-6389

About IC²

IC² (Innovation, Creativity & Capital) Institute is an international, transdisciplinary "Think and Do" tank devoted to solving unstructured problems to accelerate wealth & job creation and shared prosperity at home and abroad. As a research unit at The University of Texas at Austin, IC² is focused on knowledge exploration, dissemination, and application, across a broad range of academic and applied areas.


Harsha Gangadharbatla
GuangYu Huang
Dan Mayfield
Lindsay Welter

Research Team: Guangyu Huang, Harsha Gangadhartatla, Dan Mayfield, and Lindsay Welter
Research Team (l to r):
Guangyu Huang, Harsha Gangadharbatla,
Dan Mayfield, and Lindsay Welter


Dewayne Hendricks The Dandin Group http://www.dandin.com/
Cory Doctorow Outreach Coordinator, Electronic Frontier Foundation http://www.eff.org
David Sifry Co-Founder and CTO, Sputnik,Inc.; Founder, Technorati http://www.sputnik.com/, http://www.technorati.com/
Kevin Werbach Analyst/Consultant/Writer http://www.werbach.com/
Tim Pozar T. M. Pozar Telecommunications Engineering http://www.lns.com/
David Weinberger Consultant/Author http://www.evident.com/
Howard Rheingold Author/Consultant http://www.rheingold.com
David Isenberg Independent Analyst http://www.isen.com/
Joichi Ito CEO, Neoteny Co., LTD http://www.neoteny.com/, http://joi.ito.com/
John Quarterman Quarterman Creations http://www.quarterman.com/
Steve Stroh Editor, Focus On Broadband Wireless Internet Access http://www.strohpub.com/
Andrew Cohill President, Design Nine, Inc. http://www.designnine.com/