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The Wireless Future Project

The IC2 Institute initiated the "Wireless Future" project to explore the economic development potential of wireless technologies in Central Texas. The project includes research culminating in a report on the sector and its future, and other action items including a national conference.


To date IC2 has identified over 75 wireless technology and service companies in the Austin MSA. While small, this sector has not received the attention of comparably sized technology areas such as nanotechnology (15 companies/organizations), biomed/biotech (73 ), and clean energy (80). These wireless companies have emerged organically with little attention paid to cluster development. Since its inception in spring 2003, Wireless Future has facilitated coordination and communication among the regions wireless companies and raised the level of awareness among political and business leaders concerning the potential importance of wireless to the regional economy.

Project Plan

The Institute, in cooperation with business and other stakeholders, will analyze the region's wireless assets and the challenges of evolving a wireless cluster. The resulting report will also present a roadmap with action items for regional development in wireless technologies and services.

IC2 will establish Austin's global wireless presence and create opportunities for interregional networking for researchers, policy makers, and business professionals by hosting a national conference March 12-16 on wireless technologies and economic and social development.

Project Outcome

  • An informed plan for the development of Austin's wireless technology sector.
  • A regional community of interest developed over time through the creation of the report, roadmap, wireless business alliance and conference to sustain networking and communication.
  • A framework for participation and prominence in the national and global wireless sector.


  • Wireless Companies and Entrepreneurs
  • Peripheral "Cluster" Companies and Entrepreneurs
  • Potential Investors
  • Government Agencies and NGOs
  • Workforce and Economic Development Entities
  • Citizens and Consumers

Time Frame and Deliverables

The initial work on the project began in March-April, 2003. The project includes

  • Stakeholder group meetings throughout summer, 2003.
  • Substantial survey and research work throughout summer, 2003, including a futurist analysis of wireless potential.
  • Delivery of draft report, September, 2003.
  • Workshop to review draft report, around September 15, 2003.
  • Publication of report by Oct 15, 2003.
  • "Wireless Future" conference based on and extending report findings, 1Q 2004.

Sponsors include the University of Texas at Austin College of Engineering, the University of Texas at Austin Wireless Networking and Communications Group, Andrews and Kurth, L.L.P., and the The Futures Lab.