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Wireless Future: Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is the legendary founder of Old Colorado City Communications and a powerful figure in the history of the Internet and community networks. He's been thinking expansively about the potential of wireless for years now; one of his latest projects was the Base Camp Cyber Cafe at Mt. Everest, not so much to serve the tourists but to help the Sherpas in the area preserver their culture. (Dave was one of the first to recognize the Internet's potential role in cultural preservation - he was a strong proponent of NAPLPS, the North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax, and its use by Native Americans to preserve and share their art and culture.) Dave was also responsible for a National Science Foundation Wireless Field Test Project. Dave will be presenting at the upcoming Wireless Future conference in Austin, Sunday morning March 14, 10am - 11am. Don't miss this opportunity to hear Dave describe his his work with remote sensor networks - register now to attend all four days of the conference.


Register Now for the Wireless Future Conference! March 12-16, 2004

Time is running out to register for the Wireless Future conference, which will be held March 12-16 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. Explore the future of licensed and unlicensed wireless technology with such luminaries as Howard Rheingold (author of Smart Mobs), Kevin Werbach (organizer of Supernova and author of New America Foundation's Radio Revolution), Cory Doctorow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the legendary Dave Hughes, David Weinberger (author of Small Pieces Loosely Joined, Dewayne Hendricks of Dandin Group, Joichi Ito of Neoteny, Ltd., Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury, John Quarterman and many more! This is a great conference for wireless entrepreneurs, business strategists, developers, inventors, creative thinkers and anyone else interested in the promise of mobile technology. Sponsored by Andrews Kurth, Metrowerks, Motion Computing, RockSteady Networks, The Futures Lab, Polycot Consulting, Austin Wireless Alliance and Ink PR. [Link to Wireless Future] [Direct Link to Registration - currently $225.00 for four days, includes access to South by Southwest Interactive programming.]