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Every Unwired Day

AUSTIN (TX) - (September 26, 2003) - Intel Corporation designated yesterday, September 25, 2003 as "One Unwired Day," during which several commercial "for-pay" providers encouraged WiFi usage by waiving access fees for that day.

"This is very generous of Intel, T-mobile, Cometa, Boingo, and the rest of the companies to grant a single free day," said Rich MacKinnon of the Austin Wireless City Project and founder of Less Networks. "However, the Partners in Free WiFi want to remind everyone that every day is a free day."

The Partners in Free WiFi program is a partnership among non-profit and commercial organizations supporting the spread and usage of free WiFi hotspots within community businesses. Accordingly, September 26, 2003 has been designated by the Partners as "Every Unwired Day."

The purpose of the counter-promotion is to raise the public's awareness of free WiFi alternatives. Many of the alternatives are offered by the owners of independent businesses, local computer user groups, and municipalities.

"There are literally thousands of free hotspots around the world," says Jon Lebkowsky of the Austin Wireless City Project. "In Austin in particular, there are scores of free hotspots. Why would anyone want to pay for WiFi when they could spend the money on another cup of coffee?"

According to market research firm IDC, there were 4,200 hot spots at the end of 2002 and there will be 55,000 more over the next five years. "It's a good bet that most of those hotspots will be free," says MacKinnon.

Partners in Free WiFi participating organizations include Austin Wireless City Project, Austin Wireless Group, Austin Free-Net, EFF-Austin, and Less Networks. To join, contact Jon Lebkowsky of the Austin Wireless City Project at info@austinwirelesscity.org.

About Austin Wireless City Project
The mission of the Austin Wireless City Project is To EDUCATE, ADVISE, ENABLE and ASSIST operators of public spaces in providing free wireless hotspots to ALL residents of Austin and surrounding areas. The website is http://www.austinwirelesscity.org/. The contact is Jon Lebkowsky at info@austinwirelesscity.org

About Austin Wireless Group
The mission of the Austin Wireless Group is to bring together like minded folks to discuss and brainstorm on ideas regarding future direction, and network methodology, and set up a fully operational network maintained by and for the community. The website is http://www.austinwireless.net/. The contact is Dan Vogler at dan@wirehead.com

About Austin Free-Net
Austin Free-Net's goal is to ensure that underserved communities can access and effectively use the Internet and computer technologies in public spaces throughout Greater Austin. The website is http://www.austinfree.net/. The contact is Ana Sisnett at info@austinfree.net

About EFF-Austin
EFF-Austin is an independent nonproft civil liberties organization concerned with emerging frontiers where technology meets society. We are a group of visionary technologists, legal professionals, academics, political activists and concerned citizens who work to protect digital rights and educate the public about emerging technologies and their implications. The website is http://www.eff-austin.org. The contact is Jon Lebkowsky at info@effaustin.org

About Less Networks
Less Networks creates downloable customer-branded Free WiFi hotspots. Venues own their hotspot and manage it with simple web tools. Hotspot software lets venues communicate with their customers and log usage. Users gain access to all Less Networks hotspots and interact with others logged in from home or other venues. The website is http://www.lessnetworks.com/. The contact is Rich MacKinnon at rich@lessnetworks.com

Interested media in this Austin-based movement should contact:
Holt Hackney
Hackney Communications
(512) 632-0854

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One Unwired Day

September 25 is Intel's One Unwired Day &ndash part of Intel's push to mainstream wi-fi driven mobile computing powered by its new Centrino chip. Intel has a page of event and resource links, and hotspot lists, including one for Austin.

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Motorola, Microsoft team up on phones

From Associated Press via the Austin American-Statesman: Motorola and Microsoft are working together to create smarter cellphone technology that are part-phone, part-computer. [Link]

Smart phones -- which cost between $100 and $300 each depending on how much of the cost is picked up by the carrier -- have been introduced in only a handful of countries and remain rare in the United States. Fewer than 10 million of the estimated 450 million handsets being sold worldwide this year are considered smart phones.

But research firm Gartner Inc. forecasts that volume could multiply six or seven times by 2007 as companies roll out increasingly sophisticated models to meet consumer demand for portable devices.
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Austin American-Statesman on Ted Rappaport

The Sunday Austin American-Statesman featured an article about Ted Rappaport's efforts to support the wireless sector in Austin. [Link]

For Rappaport, his work in the past year is all part of a plan to boost the stature of UT and Austin in the world of wireless research and business. Helping to build a broader and deeper base of wireless companies in the area also should help UT's program through donations, research collaborations and job opportunities for students.
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Study: Wi-Fi Users To Reach 23 Million In 2006 The wireless hot spot market is poised for growth, reaching 23 million users by 2006, according to a new study. But market analyst firm Datamonitor cautions that for long-term success, industry must put its monetary muscle behind service locations and attracting users. WirelessWeek.com

Free WiFi Company to Debut at Game Conference

Austin-based WiFi startup Less Networks will make its debut providing free "Wi-Fi" or wireless internet access to attendees of the Austin Game Conference on September 11-12. With conference registration exceeding initial projections, they have their work cut out for them. "Less Networks gives away its free WiFi solution to small businesses who in turn give away free WiFi access to their customers," says founder Richard MacKinnon. "We know we're ready for coffee shops, laundromats, and B&B's. 500 game developers could get hairy. Perhaps a Bridal Show would have been a better first outing for us."

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